CrossFit Membership

6 Month Contract


Our 6 month CrossFit Membership is for our dedicated athletes who show up on a consistent basis. It is billed on the 1st of each month. We understand life happens. If you need to place your membership on hold (or cancel it), we just ask that you give us a 30 day heads up! You can read the details here.

Super dedicated? Want to save even more? We also offer a 12 month contract at $125 per month.

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CrossFit Month to Month

30 days of unlimited CrossFit classes


Our month to month pricing option gives you unlimited access to all of our group classes for 30 days from the date of purchase. This option is great if you are only in the area for a short period. If you live locally and attend classes on a consistent basis we recommend committing to a 6 or 12 month contract in order to save some $$$.

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Drop in

Single CrossFit group class


This pricing option is for experienced CrossFit athletes visiting Joshua Tree from out of the area.

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Drop in punch card

20 CrossFit group classes


This pricing option is for athletes who want to attend our CrossFit group classes but are only in the area occasionally. It will save you money over buying drop-ins each visit and carries a 6 month expiration date from the date of purchase.

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Foundations Program

4 One on One training sessions


Our foundations program (also referred to as on ramp) is designed to teach new athletes everything they need to know in order to be successful in our group classes. We will cover the nine foundational movements, teach you some of our warmup routines, introduce you to our lingo, talk about your fitness goals, and go over our recommended prescription for nutrition. While not required, we highly recommend this program for anyone new to CrossFit.

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During this time, we’ll help you feel welcome, provide a quick gym tour, then sit down and talk about next steps. If you choose, we will have you do a short workout so we can set some benchmarks and assess where you are.